A price cut for Mia Electric cars

A Mia and a Bluecar

The new CEO’s first decision is to cut down Mia cars’ prices. All Mia vehicles are now being sold at new, lower prices, while equipment and range do not change.

Here are the new prices:

  • The utility vehicle is now being sold for 8 033 € instead of 11 792 € (tax inclusive and taking bonus into account) + 75 € per month for 12 kWh-battery rental.
  • The 3-seated vehicle with a 8 kWh battery now costs 10 469 € instead of 17 927 € (tax inclusive and taking bonus into account).
  • The 4-seated Mia L with a 12 kWh battery is now 12 805 € instead of 23 487 € (tax inclusive and taking bonus into account), for vehicle and battery.

Thanks to this new price policy, MIA will look to improve its sales volumes, as Mrs. Michele Boos, Mia Electric’s CEO, explains : “As I announced when becoming CEO, our aim is to increase MIA Electric’s sales on the long term, thanks to a more aggressive price policy which enables us to reach a larger audience.”

I reckon that these new prices make MIA competitive again, especially in terms of unique purchases (I mean, including battery). The 4-seated version (which I didn’t know) also seems like a good idea to me.

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