About us

We are a small team of car lovers who are concerned about the environmental impact of cars. Clean Car Journal, is a French blog about green vehicles.

Following a number of visits from readers in English speaking countries, we decided to start an English version of our successfull french blog Automobile Propre, with a slightly different focus: we will primarily share news about French brands and clean car initiatives in France.

We don’t want to come across as flag wavers – we just want to contribute to the global greener mobility movement by adding a French touch.

Yoann NUSSBAUMER / Founder

Yoann NUSSBAUMERMy name is Yoann NUSSBAUMER and I’m 28. As a web-enthusiast, I have acquired different skills from technical to more graphic ones, I have both an IT and a multimedia diploma as well as training as a car designer. I’ve been a web-based entrepreneur for 8 years now.

I share my daily life driving a Nissan LEAF via the Vivre Electrique (Live electric, in French) blog. My company, Saabre, develops the ChargeMap location system which lists charging points all across the world.

I have always been fond of cars and since a few years now, I’ve been interested in car-related environmental issues as well. As I like mountains and nature in general, I am more than convinced that it is our role to find solutions to protect it. Progress is meaningful only if it allows us to live together in harmony with our environment.

These are all the reasons why I have decided to create Automobile Propre. I really think it’s important to present and highlight solutions that help us to reduce our car-related environmental impact.

I really want to bring together a green-minded community, so join us!

Marc-André KOEHNLEIN / Writer

Marc-André KoehnleinMy name is Marc-André KOEHNLEIN and I’m an environmental engineer. I work as the sustainable development project manager in a city of more than 250 000 inhabitants.

Cars have become both an essential and an enjoyable part of our every day life. Even if I really care about environmental issues, I have to confess that my heart beats a little faster when I see the latest high-end Audi model or any other amazing and prestigious car that I adore.

At Automobile Propre we believe that the Green car revolution is on its way. Sustainable and eco-friendly means of transportation are being developed and we want to be at the forefront to assist to the EcoMobility development and see cutting-edge car technologies and environmental improvements.

JP DARWIN / Correspondent in San Francisco

JPI am from the French region of Alsace, and the city of Mulhouse to be more precise. After a short stint in public relations in San Fransisco, I realized that the corporate world was not for me. Since then I’ve lived a kind of nomadic life, in terms of my career and personal life. I work as a freelancer in event management and incentive travel, which allows me to travel the world.

I’m passionate about life, history, the development of civilization and new technologies. Even if it’s a bit contradictory with this website’s philosophy, I am a big fan of F1 and I’m already nostalgic about the Honda CBX 6 cyl. with which I used to drive down the Californian coast.

However, the ecological challenge and the desire to protect and respect nature and especially animals is more than important to me. The upcoming car and mobility revolution will mark our history and that’s why I contribute to Automobile Propre, with a Californian perspective!


EdouardI was born in 1972 and thus I am from the GTI 205 generation! Even if I have a soft spot for cars from the 70’s to the 90’s, nostalgia doesn’t suit me well: I’m definitely oriented towards the future.

I graduated from the Management School in Strasbourg and I work in car retailing for a French manufacturer.

As I am passionate about anything with wheels and especially cars, and as I want to guarantee a safe future for my kids, I have decided to join the Automobile-Propre writing team.

One of the human basic needs is to travel, and cars play a key role there. But we have to stop sucking up our planet’s natural resources at the rate we are today. We have to stand up for our planet!

I am convinced that it is possible for us to make Automobile (car) synonymous with propre (clean)!

Julien IRONDELLE / Writer

JulienI was born on the 12 of April 1971 and I am passionate about sustainable mobility and green energy. An eco-friendly car needs eco-friendly energy to function; we can’t choose only one or the other, as these two technologies are linked. To achieve a breakthrough we need strong government policies, which also means well-informed and committed citizens.

I support the French development and production of EV with lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. I also campaign for clean energies, especially laser-driven nuclear fusion which uses the hydrogen present in the water (deuterium).

I share the pleasure of writing and debating with my colleagues on Automobile Propre.

Guillaume SEGUIN / Writer

Guillaume My name is Guillaume Séguin, I live in Cork (Ireland) and I work in the Linux world. As far back as I can remember, I have always been a car-enthusiast, but now I am more into new technologies and electric vehicle development, as well as renewable energy and EcoMobility.

At the moment I drive a Bioethanol car but I’m not an eco-freak: I also own two antique cars and a sports car.

I strongly believe that blogs and other social media have a great influence on people. Automobile Propre can inform as well as lead today car drivers. I am also happy to add my Irish point of view to the discussion!

Guillaume PORCHER / Rédacteur

Guillaume PorcherI have always been passionate about cars and I soon realized the environmental impacts related to their abusive use. That’s why I’ve chosen very early to cycle to school rather than driving a scooter ;-)

Thanks to my studies as an energy engineer (INSA Lyons), I have completed my technical expertise in various domains related to energy and climate issues.

In 2010, after 10 years of collaboration with local communities to promote energy control, I’ve decided to devote myself to EcoMobility issues and develop a consulting business, “Green e-motion”, aimed at promoting EcoMobility for everybody.

In 2011, I had to put this activity on hold as I followed my partner to Québec where she taught for a year. This rich and unique experience convinced me even more that in terms of energy (electricity, gas, fuel, …), the “enemy” is cheap fossil fuel price policies, often are synonymous with energy waste. This is especially true in North America…

My motto is: nothing is bad as long as it is in not excessive!