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They built a cable to recharge a ZOE using a domestic outlet

It was always going to happen, and it did not take too long. The community of Renault ZOE fans engaged in a project consisting in the creation of a cable for the car’s occasional recharge, providing a functional solution.

Renault ZOE test-drive: more than 250 km in one day!

We are giving you our first impressions after testing the Renault ZOE and trying charging stations available in Alsace for the first time. All in all, it was quite a positive experience !

Test driving an Autolib’ (in the snow)

I have never had the opportunity to try out Autolib’ on my recent trips to Paris, even though the service was launched over a year ago. On the day before the date that I had chosen to give the service a try, it snowed and snowed in the French capital.

Renault ZOE: no standard domestic charging cable provided!

Has Renault lost the plot? Its much-awaited electric car, the ZOE, will not be sold with a domestic recharge cable. Not even as an option!

Renault: low-cost hybrid officially announced

Carlos Tavares confirmed that Renault is working on low-cost hybrid motors.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid: successful results in France for 2012

According to estimates by Toyota, total sales for the Yaris Hybrid in France this year should reach approximately 10 000 units.

Paris Fire Brigade offered a Renault Twizy

The Paris Fire Brigade received a prototype of a Twizy from Renault on Wednesday, October 24th.

Alpine with an electric motor: «Anything is possible»

Renault announced the relaunch of its Alpine brand, in partnership with Caterham. An electric motor version may be in the works even though nothing has been officially announced.

Renault Twizy: a best-seller in Germany

Renault Twizy is the best-selling electric car in Germany this year, with 1976 units purchased between January and August.

ChargeMap news: Ireland charging points and Android-beta

ChargeMap has been working on two developments over the past month, and has launched both initiatives recently.