Bolloré contacts people about its Bluecar… At last!!

The Bolloré Bluecar

Finally! After a silence of 3 years, Bolloré has emailed all the people who had shown some interest about the Bluecar. Do I hear you say “Too late”?

People like me, who made the effort to pre-book the Bluecar are certainly a little bitter that 3 years went by without a word from Bolloré. Some of them, including certain Automobile Propre readers, have already bought rival car brands.

Two hours ago, Bolloré sent an email to the 9000 people who had pre-booked the Bluecar and ask for a confirmation of their bookings. I bet that it won’t receive many answers, most people are fed up with their lack of communication.

In its email, Bolloré asks people to contact the company via email or phone but without saying if the 330€/month lease announced at the time is still valid. I sent an email back to get some answers.

Let the past be the past and let’s give Bolloré a chance to convince us. If the lease is truly 300€/month, the Bluecar could be an affordable 100% electric car. We still need to know all the conditions of this offer and the number of cars available. During the Geneva Motor Show, Bolloré said that Bluecars would be available in limited numbers and would be allocated following a random draw.

While we wait for Bolloré’s answer, here is a copy of his email that I received today. Have you received it as well? What do you think about it?

Dear Sir,

Thank you for pre-booking our Bluecar(R) vehicle, showcased at the Geneva Motor Show.

As you certainly know, we made major advances, more especially with the approval of the Bluecar(R) and the launching of the Autolib'(R) service.
With a major project like this one, we had the occasion to test our vehicles and to prove that our technological advancement concerning the outstanding performances and the greater safety of the LMP battery(R) (Lithium Metal Polymer) was real.

Encouraged by such a success – more than a thousands of Bluecars(R) on the road – we would like to know if you are still interrested in our product and if you would like to confirm your order.

To confirm your order please send us an email to or call us at the +33 (0) 1 46 96 17.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your continuing support.

Patrick Bardin, Bluecar(R) Customer Service.

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