Concept Twin’Z : the Renault Twingo becomes electric

The Twin'Z concept prefigures a future electric Twingo

On the occasion of the Milan Furniture Fair, Renault and British designer Ross Lovegrove presented the Twin’Z concept, which provides an insight into what the upcoming electric Twingo will be.

What if Renault’s real success regarding electric mobility came from Twingo rather than ZOE ? One would be entitled to ask this question after seeing the Twin’Z concept being unveiled, such is this type of car’s suitability to electric drive.

Admittedly, this concept focuses on looks rather than engine. Designers took inspiration from the Twingo as well as the iconic R5 and came up with a concept which is arguably reminiscent of the Fiat 500… Even though Twin’Z is for now more of a stylistic exercise and not yet a production model.

The designers of Renault's Twin'Z concept

In technical terms, the car’s electric powertrain uses a 50 kW-rear engine (68 hp) and 4 lithium-ion battery packs set under the floor. The official range is 160 km and maximum speed is limited to 130 km/h.

The car is quite short (3,62 m) and wheels have been moved out to the frame’s 4 corners. Aerodynamics have been carefully crafted with an attention to details, and one notices that there are no rear-view mirrors, as they have been replaced with cameras. Twin’Z’s weight is 980 kg, including batteries.

This concept-car might still be a long way away from production, yet we could dream of this little electric Twingo costing less than 10 000 €, with 60 € per month as battery rent… Such an offer would be very adapted to the use being generally made of these little cars.

Renault, it’s up to you !

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