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France: Consumer bonuses for electric and hybrid cars

A decree published in the Official Gazette (Journal Officiel) last month included further details of the government’s automobile recovery plan, and the specific conditions of the increased consumer bonuses for electric and hybrid cars announced by the government.

The Peugeot iOn is available at 10 900 euros this month in France

The Peugeot iOn can be purchased for 10 900 euros this month. Seriously?? An unprecedented discount from Peugeot make the car available to the public at this unbelievable price.

What is the future for electric vehicles in France?

The sales figures for electric vehicles in the first half-year in 2012 have been rather flat in France. Is this cause for concern? We consider two completely different scenarios about the future of electric vehicles in France.

The EV Renault Zoe crash test

With the different “scandals” that have surrounded electric vehicle safety, Renault is making sure that the public is aware of their efforts to test the safety of the ZOE. The manufacturer has just “sacrificed” around one hundred cars in various crash tests.

Recovery plan for the automobile sector: 7000€ subsidy for electric cars

The French government’s recovery plan for the automobile sector will be presented today and we already know that “clean” cars will be favored, with a 7000€ subsidy for electric cars and 4000€ subsidy for hybrid cars.

France EV sales: 2012 mid-year analysis

Here are the sales figures electric vehicles in France for the month of June, along with mid-year analysis based on new registrations. We would love your comments.

The new Renault Clio 4: a potential competitor for the ZOE?

Renault has just unveiled the new version of the Clio, and the least we can say is that the design really stands out. Will this new model cast doubts in the minds of potential ZOE buyers in Europe?

Drive an electric Citroën C-Zero for 113$ a month

Citroën has just announced an incredible deal, intended to encourage electric mobility in France. The manufacturer has put in place a rental scheme that makes it’s C-Zero available for 90 euros a month.

Twizy Way: Renault’s solution to car-sharing

With its small and compact size, the Twizy seems to be made for car-sharing. Renault is very aware of this, and is developing a car-sharing concept that is has called Twizy Way.

Renault ZOE: Record 24 hour autonomy

Highly anticipated but not yet available to the public, the Renault ZOE has broken its first record: the number of kilometers driven in 24 hours.