Embark on an all-electric visit of Paris

A new company called Twiztour has just been created in Paris. It enables customers to rent a Twizy, the all-electric two-seater by Renault, to visit the city.

Tourists rent a Twizy and are completely independent as far as their journey or timing is concerned. Besides, Twizy’s small size is ideal to drive through Paris. A sat-nav will provide users with comments and stories related to the locations they visit. It will also give them advice on how to drive the electric vehicle.

One can also opt for a VIP tour, which means that a guide is driving ahead of the tourists’ car and communicates with them via a walkie-talkie. Companies can also benefit from special offers, as part of team-building trips for example.

Therefore, Twiztour enables tourists to be completely free while visiting Paris. On top of that, it enables them to have an experience of driving an electric car.

In order to have an insight into this innovative, eco-friendly solutions, you can watch the video below…

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