The final version of the Renault Zoe unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

The beautifull Renault ZOE

For years now, Renault has been teasing us with concept cars, and finally, we have a commercialized model: the Renault ZOE, a 100% electric vehicle and available to all consumers, was presented a Geneva, and can now be ordered.

The ZOE is almost identical to the ZOE Preview concept car that was on display at different car shows up to now. I have to say that I was totally enchanted by it: it is stylish and such a P.Y.T. that it will certainly seduce the mainstream market.

This is indeed what is at stake for this Renault model: to seduce the mass market, by proposing a “sexy” electric vehicle, at an affordable price (compared to its competitors): from 15 700 € with an extra 79 € monthly lease for the battery based on a 12 500 km/year contract. Other offers will no doubt follow, and it is already possible to order the car.

Its average autonomy has been announced: 210km, which is better than most of the other vehicles available on the market (around 160 km). On peri-urban roads, Renault claims an autonomy of 100 to 150 km. Yes, we know, speedways and motorways are autonomy holes…

Carlos GHOSN and the Renault ZOE

In terms of speed, Renault announced that the ZOE can achieve up to 135 km/h, a speed that has certainly been limited to conserve energy. In terms of batteries, a 22kWh lithium-ion feeds the synchronous electric motor with rotor coil with a power output of 65kWh, i.e. a 88 horsepower engine.

In terms of technology, two aspects stand out. The first is a new generation system for braking energy recovery, which promises to recover “nearly all the energy otherwise wasted during braking” and offers a smooth drive with no jarring motor braking. The second point that stands out is the presence of a heat pump, which works like reverse-cycle air-conditioning. This systems provides an excellent on-board thermal comfort with low energy consumption: it generates around 2kW of cold or 3kW of heat with only 1kW of electricity.

Renault has also highlighted the ZOE’s “chameleon” charger. The charger permits that car to be charged at any level of power, from 30 minutes to 9 hours for a full charge.

The Renault ZOE

Finally, the car will include the R-LINK in-car navigation system as well as an internet connection. Users can benefit from a range of services via their smartphones and computers, and can also download applications that are specifically designed to be used inside the car.

In short, to me the ZOE is a really attractive car. It’s a product that well adapted to the mass market. I can’t wait to see how the public reacts to it… and to know your opinion, too! Is this a car that you would buy?

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