First impressions of my Mia

Mia Electric

Last week, my Mia, the French urban electric car, was delivered. That was 3 days ago, and I’ve done less than 200 km in it. Here are my first impressions.

First of all, it is extremely easy to get started. A child could drive the Mia without any problems and without any prior explanation. In fact, the only real “constraint” would be having legs that are long enough to reach the 2 pedals (brake and accelerator).

The car is really fun to drive. I have the feeling that I’ve just been given a new toy, and that I’ve gone back to my childhood a little.

I already had the chance to test-drive the Mia. The concept of a vehicle with 3 places is a good one. This leaves enough room for everyone and especially for the two passengers in the rear, who can stretch out their legs as much as they like.

This vehicle is unusual and provokes a reaction from everyone. People who see the vehicle for the first time wonder what this “UFO” is. “Is it a vehicle that doesn’t need a driving license?” curious onlookers ask. As I drive past, people stop, look back, smile, laugh, seem surprised and even exclaim. It’s pretty funny. One thing is sure: as the owner of this kind of car, I feel like I’m an “early adopter” or some kind of eco-warrior who will stop at nothing to live by his principles.

In terms of the engine, the acceleration is rapid, despite the fact that I have the 12KW model, which is 50 Kgs (110 pounds) heavier than the 8KW version. The promised 100km (62.1 mile) autonomy holds true, even without the eco-drive mode. Later, I will test and push the limits of autonomy. It’s easy to quickly get used to the silent electric motor, which is especially pleasant in rush hour traffic. The final positive point is that I recharged my battery from 0% to 100% in less than 5 hours.

In terms of negative points, it’s true that given the price, the finishing would be of a better quality, especially the interiors. There are some disappointing details. For example, no carpets are provided. This is an option that costs around 50 Euros ($63).

Another small detail is that I sometimes need to press twice on the button to open the doors. Perhaps that’s a manoeuvre that I need to learn. In addition, the radio, which is also an option, seems to sometimes have a few unexpected changes in the sound.

In conclusion, the Mia fulfils its role 100%, with acceptable levels of comfort due to its generous interior space and comfortable seats, despite a few finishing details that should be looked at again.

The first quote that I received from insurance was 120 Euros ($150) for the year, and 100km (62.1 miles) costs me around 1 euro ($1.25) of electricity. That combined with very little need for servicing means that the car is quite cheap to run and that was my main motivation for buying it. In fact, if the Mia were also the cheapest car to buy, I think it would have all the necessary factors to become a big commercial success.

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