France electric vehicle sales: September 2012

A truck full of Peugeot iOn

After a record month in August, September shows fewer registrations of private electric vehicles. PSA continues to lead the field…

September: the iOn leads, once again

For the second month in a row, Peugeot holds pole position in private EV sales, thanks to strong sales of the iOn. The Citroën C-Zero is in second place, ahead of the Nissan Leaf.

french-ev-sales september

Apart from these 3 models, there are negligible sales: all the other models account for the 90 remaining registrations. BMW also appears in the market with 10 registrations of the 1 Series. These are not yet available commercially but are all the Active E version, which is a sort of laboratory on wheels for the future i range.

YTD sales end September 2012

The Bluecar stays in the lead, but the C-Zero and iOn are gaining ground. The Nissan Leaf has overtaken the Mia in the sales rankings.

Electric vehicles france trends

Overall, the market share of electric vehicles has moved back to average, after a record month in August 2012.

Global car market

How will the year end?

The PSA clearance promotion is clearly coming to an end… The Nissan Leaf isn’t taking off; the Mia is still an unusual car, the Renault Fluence is a flop and the other models do not have significant levels of sales.

It’s now clear that Renault will deliver the first highly-anticipated Zoes in 2013, and not earlier, apart from a few vehicles which were reserved for a few special clients.

It is difficult to imagine an exciting final quarter for private EV sales in 2012. It seems more likely that, once again, electric utility vehicles and four-wheelers will drive the market in this final quarter.

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