François Hollande’s Presidential Citroën DS5 Hybrid: a symbolic choice

Citroen DS5 hybrid of François Hollande

François Hollande has chosen the Citroën DS5 Hybrid as the official car to parade down the Champs-Elysées for his inauguration as the President of the Republic on the 15th of May.

The choice of the DS5 Diesel Hybrid will allow the new President to refine his image. While heads of state all over the world (or almost all) travel in S Class Mercedes with big V8 engines, the new President of France chose a D category vehicle with a diesel hybrid motor (4 cylinders, 2L). In this period of financial crisis and “downsizing,” it seems to be a judicious choice. Readers may recall that in 2007, President Sarkozy had chosen the Peugeot 607 Paladin, a Peugeot “concept” car.

The DS5 Hybrid4 is highly fuel efficient and only emits 99g of C02 per 100km, which will please green-minded people and our readers. It is made in France, in the PSA Sochaux factory, which will go down well with the trade unions. Sochaux is also the political seat of Pierre Moscovici, the elected President’s campaign director.

The DS5 is not really a luxury vehicle as it’s the C6 that takes that spot, and this perfectly suits the image of a left-wing President. On the other hand, the DS5 Hybrid4 represents the cutting edge of current French automobile technology, and conveys a certain image of France, with design lines that are very different from German high end cars.

Above all, it’s high-office recognition for hybrid electric motorization. It will be a standard series car in a “Galena Grey” metallic finish. The only “option” will be a sun-roof installed above the back seats, which will allow the new head of state to greet the crowds standing up in the car.

Let’s hope that the DS5 will be using the electric motor 100% during the most publicised events of his Presidential term. This will certainly be a great showcase for electric hybrid motors.

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