Kirsten Roennau takes the lead of Mia Electric


Mrs. Kirsten Roennau has just been named CEO of Mia Electric. Her most important tasks will be to assess the company’s current situation and to initiate a new strategy.

This little carmaker creating nice and cheap electric cars is currently going through a tricky patch as its sale figures are very low. Yet they still received an order for 500 vehicles from the UGAP, which was good news. (The UGAP or « Union des Groupements d’Achats Publics » is the central buying group for French public services.)

Therefore the new CEO will certainly look to develop the market of local authorities, while trying to accelerate Mia’s commercial export development on priority markets.


Kirsten Roennau -a former Alpha Romeo, Europcar and Fiat executive- will have to be able to find out how Mia Electric can drastically increase its sales and therefore find a new stability.

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