The Mia Rox concept car unveiled in Geneva

The Mia Rox

The Mia Rox is the Mia concept car that was presented at the Geneva Car Show. The car brand sees this as a return to its roots, and as an homage to the 1920s and 1930s. “At the time, you could buy a chassis from a manufacturer, and then you could choose a reputed builder to add the fittings to your car. The Mia Rox is an ecological, custom-built car, but affordable for everyone.”

This concept is a clear message for all the fans of this Franco-German brand: Mia would like to bring them an original car with a high level of customization. The Mia Rox has a number of different fittings, which can transform its style and personality. This is a real “transformer” car, which can be personalized “à la carte”!

The originality of the Mia Rox concept is to propose a structure that is entirely “coverable”. It keeps the traditional front cabin, along with the chassis and it tube-based frame, which ensures the rigidity of the car. Based on these structural elements, the Mia Rox proposes fittings in soft fabrics – cloth, leather, plastic – which can easily be clipped onto the cage-like structure. Owners just need to unroll, clip on and zip up the 3 pieces that cover the roof, the rear posts and the boot.

The Mia Rox at the Geneva Motorshow

The front doors are also made of a flexible material, which slide from top to bottom and can be stored under the floorboards. When they are closed, the doors are held in place by aluminum fixings. When they are open, they can be lifted from bottom to top in the blink of an eye, and placed on the roof. They can also be quickly dismounted.

In the interior of the Mia Rox, the materials used are tough and can be easily washed. The honey-comb patterned seats are made out of fabric and the sides are covered with Havana leather.

This concept car has something more pleasing than the version that we know until now, adding a fun and “cute” side to the Mia, which plays on the emotional strings of potential Mia buyers.

The decision to commercialize the Mia will be made after the Geneva Car Show, depending on the reactions of the public. This version of the car seems ideal for regions which have mild weather for most of the year. So we hope to see the Mia Rox on the roads in the south of France in the first days of spring!

The Rox

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