The new Renault Clio 4: a potential competitor for the ZOE?

Picture of the new Renault Clio 4

Renault has just unveiled the new version of the Clio, and the least we can say is that the design really stands out. Will this new model cast doubts in the minds of potential ZOE buyers in Europe?

Consumers who have been seduced by the ZOE might change their minds when they see the new lines of the Clio 4. The purchase price must be relatively close, even taking into account the monthly rental cost of the ZOE battery (which is compensated for by the extremely low cost of a “full tank”).

Now, if a consumer is looking to change their car, a comparison between the Clio 4 and the ZOE may come up.

This is in large part due to the fact that the new Clio 4 is fitted with relatively modest engines: a diesel Energy dCi 90 1.5L version with a 3.2L/100km consumption, and emission levels of 83g of CO2/km (with Stop and Start). It will also feature the new 3 cylinder turbo Energy TCe90 (which is the first 3 cylinder engine made by Renault). The 3 cylinder version, fitted with Stop and Start, advertises a consumption of 4.3L/100km and emission levels of 99g of CO2/km.

The Renault Zoe, like other electric vehicles, requires changes in driving habits, accepting limited autonomy, investment in a private charging point, and perhaps an adventurous spirit. The question is whether the driving public is ready to move out of its comfort zone, change its habits and get the electric car revolution started, or whether it wants to stay with a more traditional engine (with the corresponding performances and levels of autonomy).

In any case, and this is the difference versus a few months ago, the buyer has a choice. Let’s hope that the Clio 4 will not eat into ZOE sales, and that the electric mobility for the wider public will be off to a great start.

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