Paris Fire Brigade offered a Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy for the Paris Fire Brigade

The Paris Fire Brigade received a prototype of a Twizy from Renault on Wednesday, October 24th.

The car was created jointly by Renault, Renault Tech and the Fire Brigade themselves. It is meant to allow the firemen rapid access the location of an accident, before the arrival of the more effective but slower fire wagons. The Twizy’s backseat has been removed and replaced by a trunk containing emergency equipment: two fire extinguishers, two oxygen bottles, fire-fighting gear and a first-aid kit.

The car will be tested for eight months, starting in November. It will be used most of the time as a liaison vehicle between fire stations in Paris and its inner suburbs. It will also be used for special events such as New Year’s Eve or the 14th of July (France’s national holiday), when increased security services are required. Even though the Renault Twizy is now only being tested, the fire brigade has expressed its wish to purchase more light electric vehicles in the near future.

This operation comes as a result of a convention signed by Renault and the French Fire Fighter Association on the 21st of June of this year, in which they agreed to work on joint projects.

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