Peugeot maintains its revival and shows off its HYbrid4 engine

Peugeot 508 RXH

The Peugeot conference at the Geneva Motor Show demonstrated a new dynamic for the brand, with 5 world premieres presented. They were characterized by a higher-end range, underlined by a desire to produce and sell in overseas markets, and, at last, HYbrid4 diesel engines available with 3 models.

The presentation made by the brand was dynamic, modern, subtle and refined. That’s the manner in which the 4 flagship models were presented. These 4 models embody the Peugeot offensive, from the design and technology chosen, all the way to the quality of the materials used. The models presented were the urban 208, the 3008, the 508 sedan and estate, and the 4008 SUV. The 3008 and 508 were introduced with the HYbrid4 engine, the first diesel hybrid engine in the world.

The all-new 208 seems to want to follow in the footsteps of the long line of successes of the 205, the 206 and the 207. It’s young and dynamic look is spot on. I immediately fell for this urban car, which seems to have a particularly well-designed interior and engines. Sale of this model should start in spring. Two other concepts: the XY and the GTi were also introduced and suggest a future introduction of a more sporty model.

The 508RXH comes with a 2L, 163 horsepower diesel motor which drives the front wheels. The 37 horsepower electric motor drives the back wheels. Together the engines are able to deliver 200 horsepower, 4 wheel drive capability. The HYbrid4 has zero emissions and an overall energy consumption reduction of 35%.

Peugeot is the first manufacturer in the world to offer this type of technology in its production cars. This means that Peugeot has advanced way ahead of Swedish manufacturer, Volvo, who is working on a similar diesel hybrid system. On the 508 model, the type of innovation means that only 107g of CO2 are emitted (at the most) per km, for a maximum consumption during a mixed cycle of 4,1 litres per 100Km. The new 508 is also a beautiful car with great lines and a highly desirable finishings. The 3008 and 508 are the only standard models on the market with this innovative engine.

Peugeot 508 Hybrid4

Peugeot also unveiled in new SUV 4×4: the 4008. The manufacture seems to put a lot of hope on this new model, expecting it to be able to conquer not only new urban markets, but also the all-road segment, all around the world. The new 4008 will initially target Europe, North America, South America and the North African markets. 4 engines are planned: 2 petrol, 2 diesel with electronic control of the 4×4 torque distribution.

To conclude, Peugeot has played its hand of range upgrades, innovation and higher-end models. Here at Automobile-Propre, we can’t wait to try out the new HYbrid4 engine to see its performance and handling. We are also proud that a French manufacturer was able to pioneer these engine types, ahead of Volvo.

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