Renault Alpine A110-50: a disappointment

The Renault Alpine A110-50 and the Berlinette

Renault has just presented its concept-car the Alpine A110-50 to mark the 50th anniversary of the legendary “Berlinette”. This is the first step in resurrecting the brand, which some hoped would be have an electric engine.

“Drive the change”. This is the slogan that Renault uses, and it is especially apt for its electric vehicle strategy. The Twizy is certainly the epitome of this vision and shows the Renault’s capacity to go off the beaten path, to innovate and even take risks.

So when rumors about the resurrection of the Alpine brand started circulating and Carlos Tavares made it understood that there was something in the works when we interviewed him at the Geneva Car Show, I started to dream a little: would Renault dare to bring back the Alpine with an electric engine? Perhaps with a combustion range extender?

Manufacturers like Fisker, Audi, BMWi or Infiniti have projects that are moving in this direction. It would have been timely if Renault came to the market with an electric engine sports car, especially as this is an area which Renault is mastering more and more.

But no! The concept car presented dashed all hopes, and Renault stayed with the time-old combustion motor. The engine is a Renault V4Y, a V6 3.5L 24v mounted at the mid-rear position, which gives us 400 hp, is borrowed from the Megane Trophy.

A real disappointment, as the DeZir concept car, from which the Alpine A110-50 borrows its design was 100% electric. It’s a pity that Renault didn’t follow this logic to its conclusion, which would send a clear signal to consumers by having a fantastic ambassador for its electric vehicle strategy: the Alpine brand.

Sure, I’m happy that the Alpine brand is back because of everything it represents, but I expected a little more daring from Renault, who could have made an additional step towards electric mobility.

In any case, I will leave you with some photos of the new concept car, even though I largely prefer the DeZir, both in terms of design and type of engine.

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