Is Renault developing hybrid cars?

Renault Hybrid

According to “Usine Nouvelle”, Renault has announced that it will venture into the “mild hybrid” segment at the Diesel Powertrain Congress. Is this a strategy to make up for its weak EV sales?

Engineers from Renault announced that the manufacturer will work on “mild hybrid” models, which in fact will have a “super start-stop system with regenerative braking”.

This project will be given to small team within the electric vehicle team at Renault. Its mission will be to develop the technology that will include a small battery, a reverse alternator and an electric motor. This technology will be used in small and medium vehicles with gas or diesel engines.

As far as I can understand, the system permits energy recuperation from braking to recharge the battery, which in turn feeds the small electric motor that will assist the internal combustion engine in certain situations, especially when starting. However, the engine will never be in 100% electric mode.

This technology will help Renault vehicles to reduce their CO2 emission levels. Nonetheless, it will not be available to the public before… 2017! This is long – too long, especially in light of PSA’s micro-hybrid range.

Source: Usine Nouvelle

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