Renault’s electric cars at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival: starring ZE!

Renault Twizy at the Cannes festival

For almost 30 years, Renault has been the official and exclusive automobile manufacturer partner of the Cannes Film Festival. This year, ZE models accompanied its combustion cars.

Renault’s image: electric vehicles to the rescue!

The Cannes Film Festival is synonymous with luxury cars… an image which does not fit entirely with the diamond logo constructer’s more mainstream/working-class models. After years of partnership with the Renault 25, the Safrane or the Vel Satis, this time it’s the Latitude’s turn to ferry around the stars of the 7th Art. This sedan hasn’t seen the same level of success with car buyers, perhaps due to a “sex-appeal” of almost zero!

So Renault has turned to its ZE range to awaken the senses of the public.

After the Fluence, it’s now the Twizy’s turn

Last year, Renault used the Cannes Film Festival to reveal the production version of the Fluence ZE, and left 10 cars at the disposal of the organizers, of which one was reserved for the exclusive use of Melanie Laurent, the host of the opening and closing ceremonies.

Alexandra Lamy and the Renault Fluence electric

2011 Cannes Film Festival : Alexandra Lamy and the Fluence ZE

This year, the 100% electric sedan will be accompanied by the Twizy to promote electric mobility from the Croisette. The Spanish actress Ines Sastre (better known as a model) had the arduous task of posing at the wheel of the Twizy for the French manufacturer. I can’t say I was displeased!

Nonetheless, we are not exactly sure what the role of the Twizy plays at the Cannes festival. A press release from Renault states that it would be the star of the “Orange Beach” and that one car would be signed by all the big cinema stars present at the Festival, which would then become a “collector” car.

Renault Twizy Cannes

Even if the Twizy has been cast in a supporting role this year, it nonetheless could steal the limelight from it’s two “older sisters” who are, without any pun intended, less “well-connected”!

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