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Citroen C-ZERO now costs 16 900 € after a special offer in France

After clearance sales last year, another special offer has now been launched by Citroen for its electric car.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid: successful results in France for 2012

According to estimates by Toyota, total sales for the Yaris Hybrid in France this year should reach approximately 10 000 units.

France electric vehicle sales: September 2012

After a record month in August, September shows fewer registrations of private electric vehicles. PSA continues to lead the field…

Record drop in fuel consumption in France

September 2012 marked a historic moment: fuel consumption retracted by 6.4% in France this past month, which is one of the sharpest drops in fuel consumption ever recorded in France.

Arnaud Montebourg arrives at the Council of Ministers in the new Renault ZOE

In a symbolic gesture, Arnaud Montebourg, the Minister of Industrial Renewal, arrived at the Council of Ministers in the newly launched Renault ZOE this morning.

France electric vehicle sales: end July 2012

Citroën’s fantastic promotion, news of which we quickly shared with our french blog readers, helped to increase sales volumes of electric vehicles in July and to relaunch the overall EV market.

France: Consumer bonuses for electric and hybrid cars

A decree published in the Official Gazette (Journal Officiel) last month included further details of the government’s automobile recovery plan, and the specific conditions of the increased consumer bonuses for electric and hybrid cars announced by the government.

What is the future for electric vehicles in France?

The sales figures for electric vehicles in the first half-year in 2012 have been rather flat in France. Is this cause for concern? We consider two completely different scenarios about the future of electric vehicles in France.

Recovery plan for the automobile sector: 7000€ subsidy for electric cars

The French government’s recovery plan for the automobile sector will be presented today and we already know that “clean” cars will be favored, with a 7000€ subsidy for electric cars and 4000€ subsidy for hybrid cars.

France EV sales: 2012 mid-year analysis

Here are the sales figures electric vehicles in France for the month of June, along with mid-year analysis based on new registrations. We would love your comments.