The Alsace Region is launching its Electric Vehicle Club

The Electric Vehicle Club Alsace, which is funded by the Alsace Region, will be inaugurated during a special evening at the Maison de la Region on the 22nd of October, 2012.

The event is open to everyone* (further information here in French). Francois Loos, the Vice President of the Regional Council of Alsace, will introduce the club and present its objectives to its members.

People who have received a subsidy from the Alsace Region for the purchase of an electric vehicle make up the first members of the club: they automatically become members of the club per the agreement signed with the Region. Given the strong interest in the newly launched Renault Zoe, the club expects to have around 500 members in the near future. Other electric vehicle owners who have not applied for this ecological bonus can also join the club for free.

The Electric Vehicle Club Alsace will be active primarily through a website which will focus on news, developments and regional initiatives in the electric vehicle arena in Alsace, and will provide information for people who are considering switching to an electric vehicle.

Further details can be found (In French) on the site:

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