The Peugeot iOn is available at 10 900 euros this month in France

The Peugeot iOn

A well informed reader of this blog informed us that the Peugeot iOn can be purchased for 10 900 euros this month. Seriously?? An unprecedented discount from Peugeot, along with the 7000 euro consumer bonus announced by the french government last month, make the car available to the public at this unbelievable price. Just last year, the Peugeot iOn was available at 30 000 euros. The Peugeot promotion is valid till the 31st of August, 2012.

I had to follow up and check out this information which seemed just too good to be true. I was sure that at this price, the buyer would be obliged to also pay for a battery leasing contract. I called a Peugeot media contact who said, “Yes, I can confirm this excellent news. This is an all inclusive offer, and there is no battery hire contract needed.”

So how does one go about buying the iOn at this price?

You need to go to the Peugeot Webstore site, enter the number of your department, and see which cars are available at each dealership. You need to check if there is an iOn in stock, and if so, prices are somewhere between 10 500 and 12 000 euros (depending on the type of model – here is an example in Creteil). I have the impression that stocks are limited and that there are only a few vehicles available by region.

The site mentions that price already takes the consumer bonus into account. For people living in the Alsace region however, there is an additional subsidy available from the Region of Alsace which means that you can buy this electric car at a price that is well below 10 000 euros.

Hurry up…

If you’re interested in the Peugeot offer, you need to get in there fast: there are a few vehicles available, the offer is for private individuals only, and it ends on August 31, 2012. We need to point out that these cars can also be hired at 199 euros/month.

We do wonder about these recent incredible promotion on the PSA’s electric car range. Is the group reducing its stock before the Paris Motor Show and the ZOE’s commercial launch?

PS: please do spare a thought for the people who bought the iOn at the full price of 30 000 euros last year.

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