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Tesla Model III: SUV and estate versions?

According to Autoexpress, Chris Porritt, Tesla’s vice president for engineering, said the Tesla Model III could be declined in a SUV and an estate.

Visiting the Renault plant where the ZOE is produced

I was lucking enough to discover how the Renault ZOE is fabricated by visiting the Flins plant. It gave me the chance to see what is going on behind the scenes and to understand the industrial system created by Renault.

Embark on an all-electric visit of Paris

A new company called Twiztour has just been created in Paris. It enables customers to rent a Twizy, the all-electric two-seater by Renault, to visit the city.

A price cut for Mia Electric cars

The new CEO’s first decision is to cut down Mia cars’ prices. All Mia vehicles are now being sold at new, lower prices, while equipment and range do not change.

Where is MIA going ?

Kirsten Roennau, Mia Electric’s new CEO, gave some information about the carmaker’s future during a works council. International development is the No 1 priority.

Kirsten Roennau takes the lead of Mia Electric

Mrs. Kirsten Roennau has just been named CEO of Mia Electric. Her most important tasks will be to assess the company’s current situation and to initiate a new strategy.

Citroen C-ZERO now costs 16 900 € after a special offer in France

After clearance sales last year, another special offer has now been launched by Citroen for its electric car.

Concept Twin’Z : the Renault Twingo becomes electric

On the occasion of the Milan Furniture Fair, Renault and British designer Ross Lovegrove presented the Twin’Z concept, which provides an insight into what the upcoming electric Twingo will be.

They built a cable to recharge a ZOE using a domestic outlet

It was always going to happen, and it did not take too long. The community of Renault ZOE fans engaged in a project consisting in the creation of a cable for the car’s occasional recharge, providing a functional solution.

Renault ZOE test-drive: more than 250 km in one day!

We are giving you our first impressions after testing the Renault ZOE and trying charging stations available in Alsace for the first time. All in all, it was quite a positive experience !