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Citroen C-ZERO now costs 16 900 € after a special offer in France

After clearance sales last year, another special offer has now been launched by Citroen for its electric car.

France electric vehicle sales: end July 2012

Citroën’s fantastic promotion, news of which we quickly shared with our french blog readers, helped to increase sales volumes of electric vehicles in July and to relaunch the overall EV market.

Drive an electric Citroën C-Zero for 113$ a month

Citroën has just announced an incredible deal, intended to encourage electric mobility in France. The manufacturer has put in place a rental scheme that makes it’s C-Zero available for 90 euros a month.

François Hollande’s Presidential Citroën DS5 Hybrid: a symbolic choice

François Hollande has chosen the Citroën DS5 Hybrid as the official car to parade down the Champs-Elysées for his inauguration as the President of the Republic on the 15th of May.

Citroën DS Numero 9: petrol, plug-in and hybrid

Citroën will present its concept car Number 9 at next car show in Beijing, which is the forerunner of the coming DS9. The estate model will replace the Metropolis sedan model showcased last year, but the design is still breath-taking.

Hybrid cars: PSA stimulates the french market!

Peugeot and Citroën product arrivals make the french hybrid car market cross the psychological barrier of 1% market share in March 2012!

The Citroën C-ZERO, now available from 16 300 € in France

Renault’s battery rental model seems to have inspired its competitors: Citroën also has a similar offer. Is this an attempt to remain the electric vehicle market leader in spite of the arrival of new competitors?

The Citroën DS5 Hybrid unveiled in Shanghai

Citroën is pursuing its re-conquering of high end vehicles and unveiled, today, at the Shanghai Car Show, its new DS5. This is the first model from Citroën to use the HYbrid4 technology.