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Geneva Motor Show
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Peugeot maintains its revival and shows off its HYbrid4 engine

The Peugeot conference at the Geneva Motor Show demonstrated a new dynamic for the brand, with 5 world premieres presented.

The Bolloré Bluecar is now available for private owners

Strengthened by the experience of launching Autolib’, Bolloré will finally focus on delivering the first Bluecars to private owners. The more patient of these have waited for a few years…

The Mia Rox concept car unveiled in Geneva

The Mia Rox is the Mia concept car that was presented at the Geneva Car Show. The car brand sees this as a return to its roots, and as an homage to the 1920s and 1930s.

The final version of the Renault Zoe unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

For years now, Renault has been teasing us with concept cars, and finally, we have a commercialized model: the Renault ZOE, a 100% electric vehicle and available to all consumers, was presented a Geneva, and can now be ordered.