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Citroen C-ZERO now costs 16 900 € after a special offer in France

After clearance sales last year, another special offer has now been launched by Citroen for its electric car.

The Peugeot iOn is available at 10 900 euros this month in France

The Peugeot iOn can be purchased for 10 900 euros this month. Seriously?? An unprecedented discount from Peugeot make the car available to the public at this unbelievable price.

The final version of the Renault Zoe unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

For years now, Renault has been teasing us with concept cars, and finally, we have a commercialized model: the Renault ZOE, a 100% electric vehicle and available to all consumers, was presented a Geneva, and can now be ordered.

The Citroën C-ZERO, now available from 16 300 € in France

Renault’s battery rental model seems to have inspired its competitors: Citroën also has a similar offer. Is this an attempt to remain the electric vehicle market leader in spite of the arrival of new competitors?