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Embark on an all-electric visit of Paris

A new company called Twiztour has just been created in Paris. It enables customers to rent a Twizy, the all-electric two-seater by Renault, to visit the city.

Paris Fire Brigade offered a Renault Twizy

The Paris Fire Brigade received a prototype of a Twizy from Renault on Wednesday, October 24th.

Renault Twizy: a best-seller in Germany

Renault Twizy is the best-selling electric car in Germany this year, with 1976 units purchased between January and August.

Twizy Way: Renault’s solution to car-sharing

With its small and compact size, the Twizy seems to be made for car-sharing. Renault is very aware of this, and is developing a car-sharing concept that is has called Twizy Way.

Renault’s electric cars at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival: starring ZE!

For almost 30 years, Renault has been the official and exclusive automobile manufacturer partner of the Cannes Film Festival. This year, ZE models accompanied its combustion cars.

Doughnuts in a Renault Twizy

After our first trial of the Twizy in Mulhouse (France), I had the occasion to drive this city car for a bit longer in Ibiza (Spain) to test it outside of its destined driving zone -cities – in a few wilder areas…

The Renault Twizy: the affordable electric car?

Renault finally revealed the pricing for its small urban electric car. With it, it has introduced one of the most cheapest electric cars on the market.