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Visiting the Renault plant where the ZOE is produced

I was lucking enough to discover how the Renault ZOE is fabricated by visiting the Flins plant. It gave me the chance to see what is going on behind the scenes and to understand the industrial system created by Renault.

Renault ZOE: no standard domestic charging cable provided!

Has Renault lost the plot? Its much-awaited electric car, the ZOE, will not be sold with a domestic recharge cable. Not even as an option!

Arnaud Montebourg arrives at the Council of Ministers in the new Renault ZOE

In a symbolic gesture, Arnaud Montebourg, the Minister of Industrial Renewal, arrived at the Council of Ministers in the newly launched Renault ZOE this morning.

The EV Renault Zoe crash test

With the different “scandals” that have surrounded electric vehicle safety, Renault is making sure that the public is aware of their efforts to test the safety of the ZOE. The manufacturer has just “sacrificed” around one hundred cars in various crash tests.

The new Renault Clio 4: a potential competitor for the ZOE?

Renault has just unveiled the new version of the Clio, and the least we can say is that the design really stands out. Will this new model cast doubts in the minds of potential ZOE buyers in Europe?

Renault ZOE: Record 24 hour autonomy

Highly anticipated but not yet available to the public, the Renault ZOE has broken its first record: the number of kilometers driven in 24 hours.

MICHELIN ENERGY™ EV: a tire developed especially for electric vehicles

The presentation of the commercial model of the Renault ZOE was also the occasion to unveil a new generation of tires that have been developed specifically for electric vehicles by Michelin: the MICHELIN ENERGY™ E-V.

The final version of the Renault Zoe unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

For years now, Renault has been teasing us with concept cars, and finally, we have a commercialized model: the Renault ZOE, a 100% electric vehicle and available to all consumers, was presented a Geneva, and can now be ordered.

A Renault ZOE with 350 km of autonomy in 2014

Even though the first commercial version of the car will be presented at the Geneva Car Show, a second version of this Renault electric vehicle is in development: with 350km of planned autonomy.